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  1. The first step in skincare is to know what your skin needs and how it can change. Our skin changes several times during our lives and genetics, lifestyle, seasons, weight fluctuation, illness and environmental factors can all influence the rate our skin looks older. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it is vital to use the correct products otherwise you can cause more dryness or excessive breakouts.

    Dry skin can feel tight and you could notice flaking, rough patches or some redness. Because dry skin needs TLC try out our Rose and Frankincense Day Moisturising cream

    Sensitive skin If your skin has red patches on the cheeks and products you've tried in the past have stung you could have this skin type. Use fragrance and colour free products like our Vitamin E Cream

    Oily skin types often have a shiny nose and large pores, blackouts and breakouts. Try a light moisturiser such as our Tea Tree Moisturising lotion which helps dry out any spots.

    Combination This type has normally an oily T zone and dry cheeks. Our Moisturising Lotion for combination skin works well.

    Still unsure about what skin type you come into? Book a FREE consultation!