Ladies holistic therapies

These complementary treatments are for Ladies only . They are a blissful experience to benefit your mood as well as your skin. With the aromas and soothing music used in the Studio, it is hoped that the perfect ambience has been created for you.
Aromatherapy.  1hr  £35.00  The use of essential oils in massage. 
Aromatherapy Back Massage. 50minutes £28.00 Stress & pain relief for back neck and shoulders 
Aromatherapy Back Massage. 30 minutes £25.00 Relaxes shoulders, back & neck
Reflexology1hr  £35.00  A special foot massage, based on the princible that the organs of the body can be stimulated by precise pressure points on the feet. Reflexology can aid relaxation, so therefore reduces stress. A wonderful relaxing treatment to leave you renewed and revitalised.    
Hot Stones Full Body Massage.  1hr  £36.00  Basalt stones are heated before being placed on key points of the body. It is the ultimate in relaxation, with profound effects on the physical, mental and spiritual levels of the body.
Hot Stones Back Massage.   30mins  £22.00  Warm and comforting, these healing stones helps muscles relax and tension melts away.  
Ear Candling.  30mins  £35.00  A natural, ancient treatment for ear irritation, wax build-up, neuralgia, and sinusitis.
Indian Head Massage.  30mins  £22.00  A seated, shoulder, neck and head massage. Ideal for upper back tension and headaches.
The products used are handmade, without chemicals or harsh ingredients and no animal testing. Products will be recommended for you to use at home to continue the benefit of your treatments.
Country Garden Facial. NEW! This new facial treat is for dry skin and includes a deep cleanse, Rose Tone, Chamomile Eye Refresher, Rose Moisturiser and our new Rose Quartz Roller to help puffiness and fine lines.  30mins  £36.00
Luxury facial. Designed to help lift jowls, chin, neck and cheeks with anti-ageing technology. (Non-surgical face lift) Helps the skin absorb more moisture, leaving it feeling healthier and glowing!  1hr   £36.00  
Signature facial. A personalised facial for all skin types, with our own handmade skin care products.  1hr  £36.00  
Hot Stones Facial. Deeply relaxing for all skin types.  30mins  £25.00  
Purifying facial, for oily skins.  30mins  £25.00 
Re-vitalising and Firming. Stimulating and firming for mature skin.  30mins  £25.00
Holistic Hand Care with heated mitts. Stimulating circulation and improving dry skin conditions, including a hand mask and heated mitts. 30mins  £20.00
Shape, nail nourish & hand massage. ( with our specially created oils)  30mins  £14.40 
Deluxe pedicure with foot mask & heated booties The benefits of our Luxury pedicure, plus an intensive foot mask and heated thermal booties.  30mins  £22.00
Luxury Ritual Pedicure. With scrub, mask, heated booties, Lime & Ginger foot & leg massage.  45min approx.  £30.00  
Hot Stone foot and leg massage. Ideal for tired, aching legs.  30 mins  £20.00
PACKAGES These make great gifts!
Tranquillity. A relaxing Aromatherapy back massage and Signature facial.   1hr  £54.00
Me Time!  Hot Stone facial and luxury hand care with mitts  1hr 30mins  £42.00
For appointments call 0191 4567227 mobile 07999860123 [email protected]  
If you are unable to attend please notify Barbara at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a 100% cancellation fee, or 50% of the value of your gift voucher (if applicable.)
Pay by card, pre-arranged bank transfer, or cash